Ask Your Pharmacist – Medication Education

Have you ever been confused about your medication regimen, and you didn’t know who to call or who to ask?

Have you been recently discharged from the hospital and the new medications you were given are different than the medications you had at home?

Are you confused on the proper technique of your inhaler, or your insulin pen?

These problems effect many of us. You are not alone.

Errors from medications cause 1 death every day in the US, and injure over 1 million people every year.

This is personal to me, my own mother needed to take Motrin after a knee surgery to reduce the inflammation in her knee. Big white tablet looks like another big white tablet. She confused my dad’s old Metformin for the Motrin. And her knee kept getting more and more swollen preventing her from even walking up the stairs. Thankfully, we caught this after a week, but this medication error could have been very serious. There are many big white tablets that taken incorrectly could cause serious injury and even death.

Medication Education 

 Pharmacists are the most accessible health professionals

Our pharmacy training prepares us to answer all kinds of healthcare questions!

Isn’t it great that you can have access to a community pharmacist online!! Check out my website, for more information!

So, a little about me:

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Doctorate of Pharmacy, I hold active pharmacist licenses in Michigan, Maryland, and Washington DC. I worked for a major retail pharmacy for over 10 years filling 100 to 1000 prescriptions daily.

I’m sharing my credentials, not to brag, just to provide credibility from me to gain trust from you.

Information I share with you is evidence based, and my job is to serve you.

As a pharmacist, it’s my mission and my professional responsibility to make sure that your medications are safe, effective, and now with the increasing controversy with healthcare….sharing information about the costs of medications; to help you make decisions on how to make your medication regimen more affordable.

My patients believe in me because I have a proven track record of empowering them to improve their life and achieve their health goals through lifestyle changes and medication management.

RXPowerHourSchedule Your RxPowerHour with Dr. Uchenna Kole-James

If you or someone you know needs help understanding their medication regimen, please schedule an RX Power Hour with me.

RX Power Hour is a 5-step process.

  1. Comprehensive review all your medications, prescription, nonprescription, supplements, vitamins, minerals, anything that you may be taking prescription and OTC. Check for drug interactions, and TEACH you what they are being used for, and common reasons they are prescribed.
  2. Creation of a Personal Medication Record for you, which is a detailed list of everything that we discussed in your review, making sure you understand what we discussed. You should take this list with you to your doctor appointments. Doctors always want you to have your medication list on you. We create it, during this step.
  3. Creation of an action plan. This is a list of any issues I find, and any concerns you have, and set time-based goals on how to properly address these concerns.
  4. Any recommendations that I find, we create a problem list together, and communicate with your doctors.
  5. Everything is documented, and everything we discussed during our review is kept for confidential record-keeping. In addition, I create handouts specific for your disease and worksheets to help you reach your goals.

This service, the RxPowerHour is only $99 per hour. Schedule your appointement today!

Some insurances do cover this service, so check if your insurance covers it, send me an email or call your insurance and ask them about MTM.

Medicare and Michigan Medicaid covers this service today. However, with this new healthcare bill in the United States Senate Medicaid services are going to be changing.

Medication Management is Important to Prevent Hospitalizations

Medication management saves the country, thousands of dollars per patient per year….

It decreases absences from work and school, decreases health costs…

3 of the many benefits that Medication Management

  1. Reduces Emergency room visits
  2. Improves patient care
  3. One of my favorites: INCREASES PATIENT EMPOWERMENT!!!

Empowerment is when you the patient understands your health condition and takes full control of your health and your health care needs. My fundamental belief, is that best patient is an informed and educated patient!

The average cost of an ER visit is $1,233 dollars.

This RXPowerHour decreases your likelihood of having to go to the ER from a medication error or drug interaction.

When you schedule your RXPowerHour, I am going to give you a free electronic copy of my book, the 5-S Habits to Start Today, that Will Keep Your Ticker Ticking.

This book teaches you about 5 habits to incorporate in your life that will help you live a healthier life.

I know that sometimes even opening your medication cabinet or your pill box, gives you anxiety. Please do not think that you cannot understand your medication regimen. It is so important for you to be aware of the medications that put into your mouth every day sometimes 2-3 times a day.

Your knowledge can prevent a medication error from occurring.

Okay you can click on the link on my website, or go to For more information.

This is a membership site, meaning, you do have to create a username and password before you have access to schedule appointments. Appointments are available is you are here in the Detroit area either face-to-face, or through our HIPAA compliant video sessions.

Let me serve you, self-love yourself!

What is more important than you?!

Thank you