Medication Education

Have you ever been confused about your medication regimen and you didn’t know who to call or who to ask?

Are you suffering right now from a side effect that you think could be related to a medication error?

Action Plan Providing Medication Education


1 out of 2 patients filling a prescription has a issue severe enough that it needs to be addressed.

Drug Therapy Problems fall into 7 categories.

  1. Medication dose is too low and condition is not being treated properly
  2. Medication dose is too high
  3. Patient is experiencing side effects
  4. Patient has a condition and no med
  5. Patient has med and no condition
  6. Patient has condition and is on a medication that needs to be optimized or a better choice is available.
  7. Patient is non-adherent to medication regimen possibly from a bad medication experience.


Do you or someone you know fall into one of these categories?


My service The RxPowerHour creates a Medication Action Plan. RxPowerHour provides Medication Education from Dr. Uchenna Kole-JamesThis is step 3 in the RxPowerHour, which consists of 5 steps

A MAP is a complete list of any problems that I find after the review, a list of  your concerns about your regimen, and we together set time based goals to address these concerns. We can share this information with your doctor so everyone is on the same page.

The RxPowerHour decreases your likelihood of having to go to the ER from a medication error or drug interaction.

Schedule your RxPowerHour today for a face-to-face session if you are here in the Detroit area, or through our HIPAA compliant video session.

Until we meet, self-love yourself, what is more important than you?!