Decrease Your Stress Today

Thank You for Joining Me on Day 3 Of Our 5-Day Challenge, of What 5-S Habits We Will Incorporate Today to Keep Our Ticker Ticking.

Have You Ever Wanted Something Different, Something Better?

Did You Do Habit #2?  Did You Get More Sleep? What was your nighttime ritual that you implemented in your life?

How Did It Feel? We sure would Like to Know! Please Share Any Posts, Or Results on My Facebook Page. Phun On the Pharm.

Many People Make the Mistake That They Can’t Immediately Change the Way They Feel.

They say, “I Can’t Do That, It Will Take Too Long. Or, I’m Not Ready, or I Will Start Next Week”.

The American Heart Association Confirms That a Healthy Lifestyle: More Sleep, More Exercise, And Incorporating These Other Habits Can Affect the Way Your Heart Performs.

Number 3 Habit: Less Stress.

I Know You’re Like, “duh, Uchenna, I Know I’m Stressed, I have this job, this husband or wife, these kids”

If You’re Not Feeling Great and you Have Great Stress Relievers, Post on My Facebook page, Phun On the Pharm, What You Do to Relieve Stress!

Stress Is When We Have a Struggle in Our Lives that we can’t control.Pharmacist get stressed too. Medication Education for everyone

The Demand Is More Than the Supply We Can Give.

3 Ways That Stress Affects the Heart

  1. Emotional Stress Causes Ischemia of The Heart and Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy. This is when your heart undergoes such emotional trauma that it just stops beating, stops pumping, and you stop living.
  2. Studies have shown that high stressed lives increases the chance of missed medications doses. Medication Non-Adherence Kills 125,000 Americans Every Year. It’s important to set up triggers in your life, that helps to remind you to take your medications. Check out my book: The 5-S Habits to Start Today, that Will Keep Your Ticker Ticking. I share some tools to use.
  3. #1 Way to Decrease Stress About Medication Use = Establish Strong Relationship with Physician or Pharmacist. Pharmacist are the most extensively trained health professionals in medication education. The better your relationship with your pharmacist the more likely you are to ask important possible life-saving questions about your medication regimen.

Medication Education

We offer a Phriends Forever Package, which is a subscription package that you can subscribe to and have monthly coaching sessions to highly trained pharmacists with years of experience. Our pharmacists are available through weekly live HIPAA-compliant video sessions. We can schedule your appointment today!

How Will You Decrease Stress in Your Life Today? Will You Meditate or Do Some Yoga. I Will Talk About the Ways You Can Alleviate Stress Through Lifestyle Changes and Medications in my book: The 5-S Habits to Start Today, that Will Keep Your Ticker Ticking.

What Self-Love Practice Will You Implement Today?

I Challenge You to Find a Way to Alleviate Stress in Your Life Today.

Okay My Phriends, See You soon for Habit #4

Until Then, Self Love Yourself, What Is More Important Than You?