Shift & Step

Have You Ever wanted to be healthier, to feel better, to live longer, and to have more energy?

Everything You Do depends on The Habits That You Have Implemented into your life. Your diet, Lifestyle, Energy Levels Are All Based upon routines. A routine is something (action) that you do as a response to something (cue).

Routines done day after day becomes habits.

Charles Duhigg Wrote a Phenomenal Book Called the Power of Habits, read it! It will change your life!

What He Discovered About Habits are, they are Based on a 3-Part Habit Loop: Cue, Routine, Reward.





I Have a Question for You!

Do You Think You Can Adopt Some New Habits into Your Life for The Health of Your Heart?

My Mission is to empower you to improve your health through lifestyle changes and medication management.

February is American Heart Month. The United States Department of Health & Human Services created National Health Observances. These observances were created to educate the community about different health conditions.   It is our duty as Health Care Providers to Educate the community about possible disease states regarding prevention and treatment.

So, I Developed A 5-Day Challenge!

It is Important to me. My fundamental belief is that the best patient is an informed and educated patient, also known as patient empowerment! It is my goal for you to have more control of your health and better management of your medications.

When I Was 15 Years Old, I Realized That the Way People Feel Better, Or Alleviate Some of The Symptoms That They Might Be Suffering from Is Through Lifestyle Changes and/or Medications.

Medications are confusing. Many of them look alike, with confusing labels, directions, and warnings. So, I said to myself, “I Must Focus My Efforts into Becoming an Expert”!

I Was Always Pre-Med, and dreamed of going into pharmacy school. However, I couldn’t stomach blood, and the sight of it makes me sick to my stomach.

My dad knew this, and early on encouraged me to go into pharmacy school. I would’ve saved so much time if I would’ve listened to him early on. My phriends, listen to your parents, or the people that love you and have your best interests at heart. So, I went to Pharmacy School, 8 years later! I went to University of Michigan College of Pharmacy, where I spent 4 more years after undergrad. I had also received my bachelors in Biology from University of Michigan, which is the greatest school ever (sure, I’m a little biased).

To receive my Doctorate in Pharmacy I had to learn about medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, pharmacology, therapeutics, and pharmacokinetics. These Courses Enhanced My Passion, and I knew I had found my purpose in life. TO BECOME A GRADE A, NUMBER ONE, BAD-ASS, PEOPLE SAVING, MONEY MAKING, LEGAL DRUG DEALING, WHITE COAT WEARING, MEDICATION EXPERT, aka The Pharmacist!

After graduation, I began working for a large retail pharmacy, where I ended up working for 10 Years. My Impact in retail was great. I worked in pharmacies filling 100 prescriptions to 1000 prescriptions every day, counseling patients on all topics, varying from diabetes treatment, to Sexually Transmitted Disease management choices, to the ideal multivitamin to take to complement their hypertension. I was a winner of the Paragon Award. This award is given to individuals in the top 1% of their field.

However, over time I began to get restless. Helping People Behind the Counter Was Not Enough. Time constraints at the pharmacy became unbearable, and I began to be squeezed for my time. I Didn’t Have Enough Time to talk with my patients that I use to find so much joy doing…that I was needed to do. So, I created Phun On the Pharm!

Medication Education

My Goal Is to Give You Tools Implemented Today, To Take More Control of Your Health.

  • 1 In 4 Deaths Are Caused by Heart Disease.
  • Heart Disease is the leading Cause of Death for Men and Women in The United States.
  • Heart Disease or Cardiovascular Disease is usually a result of: hypertension (high blood pressure), Ischemia (not enough oxygen flowing to the heart), high cholesterol, or arrhythmias.
  • The More Severe the disease, the more medications the individual will need to take.
  • The Goal Is to Get Your Heart to Work Without Over Straining It.

I Developed A 5 Day Challenge! Through My Research I Have Found There Are 5-S Habits (beginning with the letter S), put on Your Calendar, Can Improve Your Life Today, Keep Your Ticker, Ticking!

#1 Habit is Shift and Step

Samuel exercising at National Mall, improving heart health

There are many advantages to shifting and stepping or exercise.

3 Things Exercise Does to The Body

  1. Exercise decreases blood pressure
  2. Exercise gives us energy to move more, getting more done, releasing healthy hormones like oxytocin and decreasing unhealthy hormones like cortisol
  3. Exercise helps blood flow more efficiently through the body.

I talk about benefits of exercise more in-depth in my book: The 5-S Habits to Start Today, That Will Keep Your Ticker Ticking.

Of course, talk with your physician, about any new exercise regimen that you begin. If you are unable to do high impact exercises, there may be other things or forms of movement that you could incorporate into your life.

Click here for an article about the different Medications used to treat hypertension if you are interested, which includes a more In-Depth discussion.

How Will You Incorporate the Habit of Exercise into Your Life Today? What triggers will you use to remind yourself that it is time to Shift and Step?

Join Us for Habit #2!

Until then, Self Love Yourself, What Is More Important Than You?!