Hello, my Phriends On the Pharm!

Did You Move After we discussed Habit #1 of Shift and Step (EXERCISE)?

If You Did How Did You Feel?

Did You Get Up Every Hour on The Hour and Shake Your Body

Did You Notice Your Brain Being Stimulated, Increasing the Creative Energy in Your Life?

Keep It Up, Make This a Habit, And You Will Notice These Changes, You Will Notice the Energy Increasing in Your Life.

Begin 1 Habit at A Time, Then Start 1 Habit Next Month.

Habit Number 2: Sleep MoreGetting enough sleep is important for Heart Health. Dr. Uchenna shares medication education.

There Is So Much Controversy Over the Amount of Sleep the Body Needs to Be Able to Perform at Its Optimum Level.

You Need 7-8 Hours of Sleep Per Night. Every Night.

3 Ways That Lack of Sleep Affects the Heart.

  1. It affects your heart rate
  2. Increase Obesity.
  3. Sleep Apnea is associated with Heart Disease.

If You Have Struggles with Getting Enough Sleep You need to establish a nighttime Practice or a Wind Down Period every evening. This will help trigger your brain that it is time to go to sleep.

For more information, check out my book: The 5-S Habits to Start Today, That Will Keep Your Ticker Ticking! 

Medication Education

I Challenge You Today:

What Routine Will You Implement Before Going to Bed

What Will You Implement Today to Get More Sleep, Fueling Your Body with The Energy It Needs to Perform.

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Okay My Friends, Stay Tuned for Habit #3

Self-Love Yourself.  What Is More Important Than You?