My Phriends On the Pharm:

I Know That Deep Down Many of You Want to Live Healthier Lives.

Many of You Want to Feel Better.

It All Begins with The Daily Habits That You Set Up for Yourself.

What Systems Have You Put in Place That Sets You Up for Success?

Medication Education

I Wanted to Share Something with You About Habit #3 Decreasing Stress, Before I Jump into Habit #4

If You Have More Intention on How You Will Decrease the Stress in Your Life, It Will Help You to Become More Aware of The Areas in Your Life That You Could Adjust, and Implement Some Healthy Habits.

Can You Minimize the Amount of Negative Energy You Have in Your Life? Do You Have Friends, And Every Time You Leave from Being Around Them, You Feel Bad About Yourself?… Maybe It’s Time for Some New Friends…

Your Heart, Brain, Body Needs You, to Implement These Changes Today!

The #4-S Habit Is Decreasing Salt.Dr. Uchenna sharing tools to decrease salt in your diet, medication education.

How Can We Talk About How We Are Going to Benefit the Heart, If We’re Not Going to Talk About Food that we eat?

Instead of Talking About The 3 Ways Salt Can Affect the Heart, I’m Going to Tell You 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions That People Ask Me About the Food That They Eat.

In my Book, The 5-S Habits to Start Today, that Will Keep Your Ticker, Ticking; I ’ll Share with You More Frequently Asked Questions!

#1 If I Don’t Eat Fast Food Often, Why Is My Blood Pressure Still High? Genetics. Also, Are You Salting Your Food? Are You Cooking Your Food? Are You Following The 1 Plate Rule? Everything that you eat needs to fit on ONE PLATE!! And 60% of that is supposed to be vegetables!

#2 What Do You Think About Weight Watchers? I Love It! Any Program or Routine or Habit That You Can Commit Too, Will Enhance Whatever You Are Trying to Do on Your Own.

#3 Do Diet Pills Work? No…I’ll Share with You More How I Feel About Supplementation in my Dietary Supplement Guide. But Folks, There Is No Quick Fix. Nada, It Doesn’t Exist.

#4 What Is the Dash Diet? I Love the Dash Diet, If You Haven’t Heard of It, Google It, But Basically It Is Plan That Allow You to Eat 2,000 Calories A Day of Low Salt, Low Fat, High Nutrient Foods, More Fruit and Veggies. I Love It. It’s Hard, And There’s No Direct Reward, But It Works.

#5 Can I Eat Dessert? Of Course, You Can! If You Have Been Able to Stick to A Strict Food Based Plan, With Low Fat, Low Salt, Low Calorie…Give Yourself a Treat. Don’t Splurge and Get the Fried Twinkies, But Get a Piece of Cake or A Brownie, You Deserve It. Everything in Moderation!

Okay See You Tomorrow for Our Last Habit, Habit #5

Self-Love Yourself, What Is More Important That You?