Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Uchenna Kole-James, Pharmacist and Founder of Phun On the Pharm.

Welcome to Day 2 of our 30-Day September Challenge to Mastering Positive Change!

I’m going to be here with you every evening in September at 9:30 pm for the entire 30 days.

Please join me for some amazing information, and strategic tools you can use to living your best life.

During this month, we are going to discuss how mastering your health, your self, and your relationships are essential to becoming a better person, to becoming more present, and to overall becoming happier.

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Ask questions!

If you have a question, I’m sure someone else has that same question!

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I’ve been a pharmacist for 10 years now, and my experience has shown me that most of us have questions and need answers to issues that affect our health, our selves, and our relationships.

Week One begins tomorrow, I’ve outlined everything we going to be discussing and I’m going to give you bullet pointed take-aways for you to use in Mastering your health.

Download the study guide to follow.

After each topic, I’ll take your questions.

So yesterday, I put myself out there, and explained how challenging it is to have a consistent workout regimen.

We let life get in the way, however, a major part of our lives is our health.

I’m going to share with you 2 ninja tactics today, that I want you to use throughout the next 30 days so you can see where you started and measure where you are, when finished.

Implementation of 1 of them will improve your health, your self, and your relationships.

First Ninja move: Using your calendar.

High-performance coach Brendon Burchard says that the secret to all great growth and accomplishment is the planning of your month to month using a calendar.

Two things a calendar helps you to do:

  1. A calendar helps you to plan your growth. What do you want to get better at?

I know by the end of September I want to have lost 8 pounds (that’s 2 pounds a week). I’m hoping this won’t be too hard, because I’m 30 pounds overweight. The next 20 will be a little more challenging. That means I should exercise every day, minimum of 10 minutes a day and cutting out fast food!!!

How do you want your health to be at the end of this month?

If you have goals, and we all should have goals, if it’s not on the calendar it’s probably not going to happen. That’s the purpose of using your calendar, to have a specific outcome in mind, and daily work towards it. At the end of the month you see where you started and where you end.

2.  A calendar stops you from always reacting to everyone’s needs. If you plan your day, you know who and what you can accommodate. In addition, your

calendar helps you to plan family time and vacation time so you know what you already have planned time with you kids, your spouse, and your other family members.

 Second ninja move: The Power of Journaling

 Two things a journal helps you to do: 

  1. Journaling allows you to truly express and get out of yourself the way to actually feel.

You’re able to put those pent-up thoughts on paper, and get them out of your head.

  1. Journaling is way of writing your life story. When we get caught up in the daily grind, sometimes we forget about how our lives actually are. We forget that in the process of taking care of the kids, the spouse, and that career; what made you laugh that day. Or what were you excited about. We forget the fun, and think that are lives a boring and dull.

Sometimes I look back at my collection of journals and realize live is much more interesting and fun than I thought. Also, its helps me to hold people and myself accountable. I’m at the age, that I don’t remember everything. Journaling helps me get through this…

Rate yourself in the categories of your health, your self, and your relationships. Let’s aim for that number to be higher by the end of the month.

It’s going to take self-discipline. You must be emotionally connected and focused on what you are working towards.


This is the purpose of the 30-day challenge of Mastering Positive Change

See you tomorrow, self-love yourself, what is more important than you?