Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Uchenna Kole-James, Pharmacist and founder of Phun On the Pharm.

Welcome to Day 7 of our 30-day September Challenge to Mastering Positive Change!

Yes, I said it I will be here every evening during the month of September at 9:30pm every single evening.

Please join me, I have some amazing things to share with you! I can’t wait!

During this month, we are going to discuss how mastering your health, yourself, and your relationships are essential to you living your best life!

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During our sessions together ask questions!

If you have a question, I’m sure someone else has that same question!

During my time in retail people have asked me many questions and I have compiled many of them into 3 categories. The categories are health, self, and relationships!

Yesterday we talked about the importance of Cardio and Strength Training, and the importance of doing some sort of exercise 10 minutes a day. We want to start with baby steps, so we can remain consistent and energetic throughout this journey.

In addition to building endurance and strength, it’s important to increase our flexibility to prevent injury. Yoga and Pilates do just that increasing strength and calming the mind.

The goal of yoga is to stretch, strengthen using specific exercises called poses, this allows you to scan your whole body, and check for areas that may need more attention. 

And using breathing techniques to calm you and become more mindful of your body.

3 Benefits to Yoga

  1. Yoga helps to improve bones (just 12 min a day) per New York Times
  2. Improves balance
  3. Helps with age-related mental decline

Another exercise that is low impact, that helps to strengthen the core and helps with balance is Pilates.

Pilates main focus is our core. Our core stabilizes our posture. Pilates is great if you have any kind of back injury, or a weak back. Of course, before you begin any exercise regimen, talk to your doctor first.

3 Benefits to Pilates

  1. Increases strength
  2. More sculpted muscles
  3. Increases flexibility and posture

Meditation is more of a practice, not an exercise

Is a way to train the mind!

Meditation brings us back to the present moment when we have been worrying, thinking about the past, etc. in a more balanced and clear way.

It doesn’t have to be for a long periods of time, its more a way to calm down, so you don’t kill everyone in the house, or say something you don’t really mean. It’s a self-care practice.

I’ve never been a great meditator, because I was always a calm person…before I had children… I have 2 boys on any given day they are on 10!!!

I could go wake them up right now, turn on “Turn Down For What”, that Lil John song, and they would jump up, like they weren’t just fast asleep 30 seconds earlier.

So Meditation has helped me in situations dealing with homework, with asking them to clean their room, and other situations when I just wanted to start yelling… which ends up putting me in a bad mood, mad at my spouse (who had nothing to do with what we had going on)…etc.

I actually just started with my kids, I think it will help them to answer me the first time I call them. I think one of the reasons that I have to sometimes call them 3 times is because, they also have many thoughts in their head.. ”who am I going to play with today,” “Kori, better let me be Batman, I’m tired of playing the Joker” you know complicated thoughts .. My youngest fell asleep in the first 5 minutes, but baby steps my phriends on the pharm.

If you deal with people in general, Meditation is a good practice to begin.

Check out Brendon Burchard has a great “Release Meditation Technique” on YouTube, search for it, you’ll feel refreshed afterwards.

2 Benefits of Meditation

  1. Can help you sleep better
  2. Can help your brain process stress and keep you calm

Okay see you tomorrow for day 8!

Self-love yourself, what is more important than you?!