Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Uchenna Kole-James, Pharmacist and founder of Phun On the Pharm.

Welcome to Day 5 of our 30-day September Challenge to Mastering Positive Change!

Yes, I said it I will be here every evening during the month of September at 9:30pm every single evening.

Please join me, I have some amazing things to share with you! I can’t wait!

During this month, we are going to discuss how mastering your health, yourself, and your relationships are essential to you living your best life!

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During our sessions together ask questions!

If you have a question, I’m sure someone else has that same question!

During my time in retail people have asked me many questions and I have compiled many of them into 3 categories. The categories are health, self, and relationships!

Today we are going to discuss the Vegan diet. There is this Netflix movie called What the Health? That is generating a lot of buzz.

What The Health?!

This movie discussed the impact that meat and dairy products have on our health.

In addition, they critique leading health and pharmaceutical organizations.

The purpose of this movie is to support a plant-based diet. Called Vegan diet.

Many of the points are valid in this movie, but the problem with this documentary is that it will mislead people into thinking that these effects are 1 sized fit all.

Basically, a Vegan diet is no animal products, no meat, no eggs, no dairy, no fish. They eat beans, soy, vegetables, fruit, as long as it doesn’t come from an animal.

The Phocus Point:

2 main points made in the movie that I must emphasize:

1. The nutritional training that doctors need to have, and address with their patients.

The American diet is a majorly high fat, low nutrient diet. 65% of us are overweight or obese because we eat too much, and we don’t move enough. Vegetarians tend to weigh less, because they eat less calories. Simple.

This is the bottom line. When you have your medical check up, if you are overweight, you and your doctor together need to implement some goals to lose weight. You have hypertension, there is a target BP that you need to have. Losing weight is 1 for 1 for decreasing pressure. MD so quick to add a medication on….everything we put into our mouths have side effects.

Why is weight so taboo? I can see you? We all can see you… This is not fat-shaming. Health is in… Exercise is hard, but critical for us to be healthy.

2. Choosing a diet heavy in fruits and veggies help to protect us against chronic disease especially heart disease and diabetes.  In addition to your 10 minutes of exercise every day, eat a piece of fruit with your breakfast, and a fruit/veggie with lunch and dinner, helps to ward off disease.

However, there is a place in our diet for lean meats and fish. Every person is different, we all have different genetic makeup, so we process food differently.

Learn your body signs, if you eat food and it makes you feel like crap…don’t eat it anymore. You don’t need to eat yourself into a stupor either, you should still be able to move around after you eat. Focus on 5 days out of the week eating low calorie high nutrient foods.

Decrease the amount of food you eat after 8 pm. Your body doesn’t have time to burn those calories off.

Since we began our challenge on there have been many tips that I have given you, that will guide you on your way to mastering positive change in your health.

3 Points I want to emphasize:

1. Exercise 10 minutes per day.

2. Begin every month using your Calendar to track your growth goal (health goal you want to get better at, by the end of the month).

3.  No eating after 8 pm, especially on those 5 days per week.

Educate yourself, your body is a temple of God, you only have one.

Until tomorrow, self-love yourself, what is more important than you?!