Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Uchenna Kole-James, Pharmacist and founder of Phun On the Pharm.

Today I am going to share with you the meaning of true confidence, and how to obtain! We are in Week 2!!!

Mastering Positive Change in our Self.

This is Day 14 of our 30-day September Challenge to Mastering Positive Change in our health, our selves, and our relationships!

I have some amazing things to share with you! I can’t wait!

We are going to discuss how mastering your health, yourself, and your relationships are essential to you living your best life!

During my time in retail people have asked me many questions and I have compiled many of them into 3 categories.

The categories are health, self, and relationships!

Mastery comes from consistency.

The underlying themes this week revolve around what you believe about your self is how you will lead your life.

What is confidence?

The highest paid high-performance coach, Brendon Burchard states, that confidence is the belief in your ability to figure things out…The highest paid high performance coach Brendon Burchard and me.

If you are struggling with something, do you give up?

Do you keep grinding and grinding until you figure it out?

You can generate any emotion that you want based upon your will. If you want to feel a certain emotion, you have to think about things that make you feel that emotion. If you want to feel happy, you think happy thoughts right? If you want to feel energetic, you think about what makes you have energy.

If you want to feel more confident, you have to visualize, in addition to verbalize, situations that will make you feel more confident.

3 Ways To Generate More Confidence

1. Have more certainty about the outcomes you want from the situations you place yourself in.

If you walk into a networking event, you should be clear on what you want to get out of the event.

Is there a certain person you want to interact with?

Having a plan for the event or the assignment you are doing, will allow you to perform it with more confidence.

2. Act like the person you envision yourself to be.Confidence is your believe that you can figure it out

So, when I speak at an event I envision, how would Michelle Obama give this speech. She speaks clearly, projecting her voice, she is always prepared about the subject material, and she always brings the energy.

I create the character that I want to be. This is the reason for the visual cues (the journaling), this is the reason for the verbal cues (the affirmations).

The thoughts and action that we consistently do will transform the way we believe.

3. Having a growth mindset increases confidence. Anticipating the hardship and the learning of a project is part of developing skill.

Disappointment should be a feeling and not a state of being.

You may be disappointed about a certain outcome, but you are confident enough to figure it out. You will use that experience to get better.

Don’t let a situation dictate your whole persona, or you as an individual. If you feel this way, create a daily affirmation:

I am not a victim of my circumstance, I will rise up and achieve more! Check out my online course Mastering Positive Change In Your Health!

Until tomorrow, self-love yourself, what is more important than you?!

Someone emailed me a question: I feel more confident after I have some alcohol… We’ve all heard this before right? Liquid confidence. My fear is that, this will only get you so far. You have to be able to perform without those crutches, because one day you may not have them.

Practice, practice, practice again and again without. And see what happens.

Until we meet, self love yourself! What is more important than you!