The Benefits of a Personal Medication Record (PMR)

At Phun On the Pharm, our mission is to empower you to take charge of your health through lifestyle changes and medication management. My fundamental belief is that the best patient is an informed and educated patient, also known as, patient empowerment! As a pharmacist, it’s my mission and my professional responsibility to make sure that your medications are safe, effective, and now with the increasing controversy with the costs of medications; to help make sure that your medication regimen is economical.

Bringing Medication Education Near You

The next few weeks I will be sharing with you lots of free information that will help you to make the best decisions for your health and medication regimen.  I also purchased software that will allow us to have HIPAA-compliant video sessions, where I can go over all your medications and check for drug interactions.

Three things that you can do to become more empowered as a patient.

Number one:

Keep an accurate medication list of all prescriptions, non-prescriptions, vitamins, eye-drops, inhalers, supplements, etc. that you take. – Click Here To download a Template Now

This list will help you understand your regimen, keep track of your medications, and help your health care provider manage any side effects that could occur. I posted a statistic, right off the FDA website, that 60% of people can’t recognize the medications that they take, 2-3 times a day.

This is the same list that I use when I perform my Medication Therapy Management Services to my patients. It contains spaces for you to fill in the name of the drug, what condition you are using the drug for, how many times you will take this medication, what the tablet or capsule looks like, what doctor wrote the drug, and any special instructions.

Number two:

Learn more about your medications and the effect they have in your body.

Please do not think that you cannot understand your medication regimen. It is our fault as health care providers, doctors, pharmacists, and nurses, for making our patients feel as if it is not their responsibility to understand their medication regimen.

It is so important for you to be aware of the medications that put into your mouth every day sometimes 2-3 times a day. My professor from the Pharmacist Leadership Academy always use to tell us “An idiot with a plan, is far better off than a genius without one.”

And I’m kinda trying to be funny, but it’s okay not to know…at first.

Let it become interesting, at first like sex, let your medication use become something you search around the internet, but be aware of the scammers. Go on credible websites, like,, Then let it become your responsibility. Then it becomes something you understand, and can enjoy the experience, and then hopefully prevent an error from occurring.

Number three:

Ask more questions.

For example, if you have a heart condition, what are some healthy habits that you can incorporate in your life for the health of your heart. I wrote a book about that if you’re wondering, check it out on my website. The 5-S Habits to Start Today, that Will Keep Your Ticker Ticking.

Another example, if you are traveling to a foreign country, have you been on the website for possible vaccinations you may need? The chemist Pasteur eloquently stated, chance favors the prepared mind, right? How many times, did a conversation come up while you are at a networking event, and you already had inside information, just because it was something you were already interested in? Do the same for your medications.

I’m going to leave you with those 3 takeaways. Put your name and email address in the form below on my website to download a free personal medication record (PMR) for you to fill out and take with you to your appointments, your An empowered patient decreases hospitalizationspharmacists can help you, or your caretaker.

By the way, If you have any trouble filling out form, I always offer my Phriends Empowerment Package where I will go through all your medications during what is called a Medication Therapy Review, develop the personal medication record for you, check for all drug interactions, create a medication related action plan if needed, and communicate to your health care provider. This Medication Therapy Management service is also covered through Medicare Part D.

2nd takeaway: learn about your health conditions. 3rd  takeaway: ask more questions.

My fundamental belief is, the best patient is an informed and educated patient: Patient Empowerment!

Until next time, self-love yourself, what is more important than you!

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