Removing Distractions – Mastering Positive Change In Your Health

Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Uchenna Kole-James, Pharmacist and founder of Phun On the Pharm. Today we are going to talk about being strategic about removing distractions! Mastering Positive Change in our Self. Check out my Facebook page, Phun On the Pharm! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, Dr. Uchenna Kole-James. This is Day 15 [...]

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1-Page Pharm Phormula

Hello Everyone, my name is Dr. Uchenna Kole-James, Pharmacist, and Founder of Phun On the Pharm. Have you ever needed a simple tool to plan your day? You knew how you wanted your day to go, and you had your planner, but there wasn’t enough space for everything that you wanted to do. Or there [...]

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